Please join us on a Sunday morning for worship. We want to make sure you are comfortable, so below is a brief explanation of what to expect. You can also ask one of our greeters or any of our congregants for more information or directions around the building when you arrive. And you are always welcome to email or call with any questions.
Bible Classes: At 9:30am, before worship, we offer a variety of classes for all ages. Our kids’ classes are divided by age and offer developmentally appropriate lessons and activities that teach Bible stories and foster spiritual formation. Our adult classes, Spanish and English, rotate quarterly and offer a variety of topics and Bible studies to deepen our understanding of God and God’s word. Most classes can be found downstairs, our high school class meets in the teen room on the second floor. Coffee is available for all who need a bit of help to focus.

Worship: At 10:30 we meet on the main floor of the building for worship. English worship is held in the sanctuary through the glass doors, and Spanish worship is in the chapel on the other side of the lobby. Our worship services are an encounter with God – a chance for us to offer ourselves, our praise, and our concerns to God, and an opportunity for God to transform us more into God’s image.

During worship we are led in prayer and scripture readings and listen to a sermon. The congregation joins in acapella (no instruments) singing and occasionally a responsive scripture reading.  We take part in communion (also called The Lord’s Supper), a time when we eat unleavened bread and drink grape juice as it is passed down the pews to remember the body and blood of Jesus. Other special occasions in worship include baptisms, commitments from new congregants joining our body of believers, blessings for babies and their families, and fellowship meals after worship. Our elders and ministers welcome the opportunity to listen and pray with you about your needs as well as answer any inquiries about our faith and our practices. Please reach out, either at the end of services, or via phone or email to set up a convenient time.

Children: Nurturing our children’s faith is important. That’s why we offer Kids’ Worship during worship on the first and third Sundays of the month, which is a time for the kids (ages 3-5th grade) to gather downstairs for lessons, activities, and service projects. On the second and fourth Sundays kids stay with the rest of the congregation for worship because we believe it is important for families to worship together and for kids to learn from their parents and others how to, and the value of, worship. On these Sundays we also offer a kids’ sermon, during which the kids can come forward to the stage and have a short lesson from our pulpit minister. We have an attended nursery downstairs for babies 0-3 years of age.
Other: Finally, here is some other information we’ve learned people are curious about before they visit.
  • We agree with Jesus when he said, “Do not worry about what you wear,” and are not concerned with how you dress when you visit. You will notice that our congregants dress in a variety of ways, some in their “Sunday best,” some as they do for work, and others in jeans.
  • Many of our congregants arrive early and stay late to visit with one another, and we encourage you to do the same so that you can get to know us.
  • We also take up a weekly offering as an opportunity for our congregants to contribute to the financial needs and work of the congregation. We do not expect visitors to contribute to this offering.
  • You are free to sit anywhere you’d like when you come. We have seating available in the main sanctuary and a balcony upstairs.
If you have scrolled this far and still not found answers to your questions, please fill out our virtual visitor card (or give us a phone call) and let us know how we can help. We know this page does not contain everything, nor is there room for all the information about who we are and what to expect, but we do want to do everything we can to help you enjoy and be comfortable for your visit with us.