The Bridegroom

One of the most common biblical metaphors for God is one of the least common metaphors in churches: bridegroom. The Bible is full of references to God as groom and the people of God as bride, and these metaphors are rich in language of intimacy, closeness, and love. Psalm 45 is a royal psalm that offers much about our relationship with God.

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Included here are the scriptures, reflection questions, and prayers that are thematically matched to our Sunday worship outline. 

Scriptures: Gen 24:34-67; Ps 45:10-17; Matt 11:16-19, 25-30; Rom 7:15-25a 

Questions for Reflection: 

What misplaced burdens are you carrying? Where might God be offering you a more well-fitted yoke? Where are your expectations of God and the church unmet?  Where do you sense God moving in hidden ways? 

Morning Prayer: 

As the darkness recedes, open my eyes to the gift of this day; help me to trust you with all that it will hold. In the hours to come, as my plans are interrupted, tune my ear to the sound of your voice, my eye to the movement of your Spirit, my heart to the strength of your desire, that I might glimpse your hidden graces and be strengthened in your service, for I would be your instrument. Amen. 

Evening Prayer:  

Merciful God, I come weary, grateful for the chance to meet you in the silence, eager to be washed again in your claim. Lift from me the burdens I do not easily yield. In your gracious provision, fit me with a better yoke that I might rest as a child secure and rise with a teachable spirit. Amen.