Please join us on a Sunday morning for worship. As you will read below, we offer both English and Spanish language services, and you can participate in-person or virtually

English-Language Worship Service

Our English-language worship service is Sunday mornings at 10:30 in the main auditorium. If you want to attend virtually, please request the Zoom link.

Spanish-Language Worship Service

Our Spanish-language worship service is Sunday mornings at 10:30 in our chapel. If you want to attend virtually, please request the Zoom link.

About Worship at ACOC

Our worship services are an encounter with God – a chance for us to offer ourselves, our praise, and our concerns to God, and an opportunity for God to be present among us, transforming us into God’s image.
During worship we are led in prayer and scripture readings, and we hear a sermon. At these assemblies, both men and women may read scripture and pray aloud. The congregation joins in acapella singing (no instruments other than our voices) and responsive scripture readings. We take part in communion (also called the Lord’s Supper), a time when we eat unleavened bread and drink grape juice or wine as a way to remember the body and blood of Jesus. We do this not seated in pews but face to face, gathered around tables. It is a time of communion with our Savior, yes, but also with one another, so don’t be surprised by the offer of a handshake or hug or someone asking your name and welcoming you.
Our worship can also include prayer requests, baptisms, commitments from new individuals joining our body of believers, and blessings for babies and their families. Our elders and ministers welcome the opportunity to listen and pray with you about your needs as well as answer any inquiries about our faith and our practices. Please reach out, either at the end of services, or via our online visitor or prayer request page, or phone or email to make your needs known to us.

COVID Precautions

In the wake of the global pandemic -which doesn’t seem to be existing gently – we support precautions to help prevent exposure to and spread of the COVID virus.
  • We strongly urge, but do not require, that attendees at in-person worship services be vaccinated.
  • You are welcomed to wear a facemask when you are inside the Arlington Church of Christ facility, though masks are not required for vaccinated individuals. Those who are not vaccinated are required to wear a mask in the ACOC facility.
  • If you are feeling ill, regardless of whether or not you have tested positive for COVID, please worship with us virtually instead of in person. You can request the link for our Zoom connection here.  


During our worship time, you will find activities for preschool children at the back of the auditorium.  We try to help our kids learn from their parents and others how to, and the value of, worship. We know we will hear children and we rejoice in their presence among us.  We also have an attended nursery for children under three years old. Just ask directions and we will point the way.  

Other Stuff

Finally, here is some other information we’ve learned people are curious about before they visit.

  • We agree with Jesus when he said, “Do not worry about what you wear.” We are not concerned with how you dress when you visit. You will notice that our congregants dress in a variety of ways, some in their “Sunday best,” some as they do for work, and others in jeans. We do ask that all dress modestly. Please don’t dress to display your wealth or your body in such a way as it might distract fellow worshippers.
  • A rewarding aspect of our fellowship at Arlington is Sunday morning Bible study together at 9:30am for both adults and children. You’ll find our adult classes to be interesting and challenging, and your children will glean Biblical precepts from their Bible class time
  • Many of our congregants arrive early and stay late to visit with one another, and we encourage you to do the same so that you can get to know us.
  • We also take up a weekly offering as an opportunity for our congregants to contribute to the financial needs and work of the congregation. However, we do not pass offering plates. Instead, congregants’ monetary gifts are submitted electronically or deposited in collection plates at the exits of the auditorium. We do not expect visitors to contribute to this offering.
  • You are free to sit anywhere you’d like when you come. We have seating available in the main sanctuary and a balcony upstairs.

If you have scrolled this far and still not found answers to your questions, please fill out our virtual visitor card and let us know how we can help. We know this page does not contain everything, nor is there room for all the information about who we are and what to expect, but we do want to do everything we can to help you enjoy and be comfortable for your visit with us.