Spiritual Nourishment Aug 26

Hello, church! In-person worship is just around the corner, beginning September 13 for those who wish to return. I urge all of you to check out this page on the website so you’ll know what to expect. This document will answer most of your questions, and of course, if you have other questions, please ask.  

Many of you likely have stressful transitions coming up as schools begin again in various formats, work routines might be changing, not to mention continued stress, anxiety, and worry over everything that is going on these days. Please continue to take care of your spiritual health, especially during times like this. Join me in praying for reduced stress, healing for the world, smooth transitions, and hope for the future.  



Nomad Podcast 

Historically, trends in Christianity in the US run about 25 years behind the UK. So, the condition of Christianity today here in the US is very similar to how things were 25 years ago in the UK. A good barometer for where we are headed, then, is to take a look at Christianity in the UK today. It is not a perfect model, but it is eerily accurate and a helpful practice. That said, one way you can get a peek into the world of Christianity in the UK is the Nomad podcast. Like most podcasts, there are book reviews, author interviews, and notable guests, but they are discussing Christianity, theology, and history from a very different point of view than we normally get here stateside. It is a highquality podcast that I definitely recommend on its own merit, but also because it could offer us a glimpse into our future and advice from hindsight for today. 

Family Activities 

In keeping with the fruit of the spirit theme, this week is joy. I try not to put personal opinions into these lessons so that each family can make their own decisions.  But I have to share a story that illustrates the idea of joy perfectly. I was watching my granddaughters last summer and there was a big storm, thunder, lightning, pouring rain.  When it was over, they wanted to go outside and play.  All geared up in their rain boots, rain pants and rain coats, they ran around to the front of the house and exclaimed, “Look at the great puddle the rain made for us!” They jumped in that puddle laughing and giggling for close to 45 minutes. Pure joy on their faces. I have a couple of pictures of them that make me smile every time I see them.  Hopefully, these lessons will inspire you and your kids to find joy in the small things.   

 – Linda 


As you prepare for this Sunday’s worship 

Included here are the scriptures, reflection questions, and prayers that are thematically matched to our Sunday worship outline. 

Scriptures: Exod 3:1-15; Ps 105:1-6, 23-26, 45b; Matt 16:21-28; Rom 12:9-21 

Questions for Reflection: 

How can your life include a faithful response to Jesus’ charge that his followers must “deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me” (Matt. 16:24)?  

Morning Prayer:  

God of lovetoday help us to live peaceably with all. Help us live in genuine love: to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to love you, O God, with our whole heart, mind, and strength. In Jesus’ loving name. Amen. 

Evening Prayer:  

Holy Godbecause you have been with us this day, we have stood on holy ground. Thank you. We know that you will remain with us through this night. Thank you. We know that you will be with us again tomorrow. Thank you. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen. 


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