At ACOC, our local community service and outreach ministries are aimed at demonstrating the love of Jesus to those in need – not merely telling them of his love but showing them. We aim to be his hands and feet in the areas where we serve – and we’re always looking for volunteers to assist in accomplishing that mission. Here’s an overview of our community services activities – contact us if you’re interested in learning more or volunteering.


ACOC is currently working with one of the refugee resettlement organizations to support several different families.  For more information on this effort and how you can help, click here.  


We work with the Arlington Food Assistance Center to address food insecurity in Arlington. During the COVID pandemic we have regularly sponsored “drive thru” food drives and delivered fully sorted pallets of food to AFAC ready for distribution.  Members are also encouraged to volunteer with AFAC on a regular basis.  For example, the Tuesday Morning Class volunteered throughout the Spring of 2021 to help AFAC sort donations as they prepared for construction in their new facility.  


Established in 1986, the AGAPE Trust helps needy people in our community buy their groceries or pay for essential housing or medical care. The IRS has recognized the AGAPE Trust as a supporting organization of the Arlington Church of Christ, and most of the AGAPE Trust’s trustees are members of our congregation. Prospective Trust beneficiaries include members of the congregation and residents of the Virginia counties of Arlington or Fairfax, the Virginia cities of Alexandria, Fairfax or Falls Church, or the District of Columbia.


We believe that one warm coat can make a difference. Each fall we canvas the neighborhood in our immediate vicinity to collect coats for the homeless and those in need. Our members and generous neighbors typically donate from 120-200 coats. We sort these coats and deliver those for children to The Clothesline for Arlington Kids, an organization that specifically helps children in our neighborhood. We deliver the adult coats to the Central Union Mission in DC, one of the largest homeless support organizations in the city.