Our missions philosophy is to spread the Gospel message beyond our Washington, D.C. base and into places around the world where our congregants have a personal connection or where past congregants are now living and working. Spreading the gospel – sharing Jesus’ message and making disciples in our area and abroad – is our core purpose, rooted in Jesus’ commission to his disciples (Matt 28:19). Our aim is to see Jesus’ name proclaimed “to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). We celebrate our connections across the world with an annual “Mission Sunday”, a bilingual service where our entire congregation can hear about our mission efforts and pray for their success. Here’s a short list of our mission work abroad.


Arlington is committed to sharing the gospel in the eastern mountains of Olancho Province Honduras, one of that nation’s most remote areas. There we helped build the church and support the minister of the Las Delicias Iglesia de Cristo. Each year a mission team from Arlington, led by Arlington member Dr. April Barbour, a primary care physician to work with Predisan Health Ministries and their Healthy Communities program, a holistic approach to improving spiritual, physical, social, economic and environmental health. Arlington provides resources to help communities build latrines and clean water sources. Each year we visit a handful of remote communities, teaching Bible stories and personal hygiene in schools and visiting families in their homes. We read the Bible and pray with these families while Dr. Barbour treats their physical needs. While we are visiting in Olancho we encourage and are encouraged by our brothers and sisters in the Las Delicias church.


El Salvador is the native country of many of Arlington’s congregants. These families love El Salvador and want their families and friends there to hear the gospel and have opportunities to worship together. Platanares is the hometown of our sister Carmen Hernandez, situated in the department of Ahuachapan. Her parents donated the land for the church several years ago with a vision to see the Lord’s work grow in the region. Arlington helped build the church building there and continues to support the congregation. Carmen and Adilio Hernandez regularly travel back to El Salvador to work there and convey our love for that Christian community.


Arlington’s newest mission effort supports Maikon (a former Arlington congregant) and Tati Borba, both natives of Brazil, as they work in the Portuguese community in South Florida. Maikon works with the Coral Springs Church of Christ, preaching in both English and Spanish while also teaching English as a Second Language to Portuguese speakers using Let’s Start Talking.  Arlington is excited about this effort as we supported Maikon and Tati for 4.5 years as they prepared at Harding University to undertake this mission.


Arlington became involved with the church in Madagascar when two of our congregants retired to their native country to serve as missionaries there. We continue to have close relationships with the church there, paying the rent for the Ankadivato Church of Christ and assisting with the Betikara (“House of Lambs”) Orphanage .


Raymond and Tania Kelly were congregants at Arlington when they were called to return to their native Belize to work in missions. They have worked in three Belize churches and have recently started an effort to establish the Ladyville Iglesia de Cristo for Spanish speakers. They also reach out to the community through a “Share a Meal” program and through children’s activities, including vacation Bible school and a youth conference. Arlington is partnering with them in these efforts.


Arlington works with churches and children support efforts throughout Bolivia. A mission team from Arlington led by our sister Nohra Rodriquez, a native of Bolivia, visits each year to encourage the churches, train teachers and take school supplies, coats, clothing and backpacks to the children. Shown here is the team visiting the children of Salviani Village.


In Nicaragua, Arlington supports brother Otonial Morales and the work with the Aqui se Reune la Iglesia de Cristo in Ducuali,in Managua capital of Nicaragua. The church there is growing, more than 400 members presently.