The Arlington Church of Christ stands in the tradition of the Stone-Campbell Movement, which grew out of the Second Great Awakening in the early nineteenth century. This movement seeks Christian unity by studying scripture and patterning our lives, both individually and as a Christian community, on what we see in the New Testament as the example of the early church. We continue to honor that heritage by recognizing the unity of all who place their trust in Jesus; by teaching that believers enter into God’s reign by confessing Jesus as Lord and being immersed in water; by stressing the importance of the Scriptures as our authority for congregational life and guide for personal behavior; and by maintaining our congregation’s autonomy.

The Arlington congregation was established in 1940 and grew rapidly in its first two decades. Congregants first worshipped in rented space on Irving Street on Sunday, September 22, 1940 and completed an initial meetinghouse (now used as the congregation’s chapel) on the same street in 1942. Within nine years of the congregation’s founding, its surging membership prompted congregational leaders to give birth to new congregations in neighboring Alexandria and Falls Church. In 1954 the Arlington congregation added the south wing (containing its auditorium and classrooms) to its meetinghouse and in 2015 renovated and expanded the meetinghouse to improve its accessibility and to modernize its worship, fellowship and classroom facilities.

The Arlington congregation has assisted in establishing or maintaining numerous other Churches of Christ throughout the mid-Atlantic region, providing money, preaching, teaching and song leading as needed. The Arlington congregation also has planted or fostered congregations in England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, West Germany, and currently supports missions in Belize, Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras, Madagascar and Nicaragua.

The Arlington congregation also has been a national leader in breaking down barriers of race and ethnicity and in initiating innovative ministries. Among these is the congregation’s ministry to Spanish-speaking immigrants, begun in 1988. Arlington is now a diverse, multiethnic congregation ‑ one body of Christ worshipping in two languages.

Moreover, the Arlington congregation has worked closely with other churches and community organizations to help to meet the needs of children and the poor. Over the years, the congregation has played a leading role in establishing an area-wide Bible camp, an organization supporting orphaned and troubled children, and a trust for the needy. Arlington congregants also currently assist the homeless through the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network, Inc. and the hungry through the Arlington Food Assistance Center. Throughout its history, the congregation has also contributed to benevolent efforts to meet physical needs elsewhere in the United States and around the globe.

In its community and around the world, the Arlington congregation continues to share the good news of Jesus as Savior and Lord.