Our congregation emphasizes baptism and the Lord’s Supper as vitally important to Christian life because the scriptures tie both to the death, burial and resurrection of the Jesus of Nazareth.

In baptism, those who recognize Jesus’ lordship and seek in faith to turn from their sinful lives are immersed – “buried,” as scripture says – in water to receive forgiveness. They then rise from the water empowered by God’s spirit to live a new life aimed at holiness. Persons who have placed their trust in Jesus and who have been immersed are “in Christ” and “clothed” with Christ so that God in his grace sees not their mistakes and imperfections, but the righteousness of Jesus. God places these people into a spiritual community extending across time and space: in other words, they become members of Christ’s church.

In the Lord’s Supper – also called Communion – our congregation celebrates the sacrifice of Jesus that enables this return to right relationship with God. In this memorial, we understand that the bread symbolizes his broken body and the wine his blood; in this ritual meal, we proclaim Jesus’ death until his return. As we share these elements each Sunday, we also recognize in each other the faith community that comprises the continuing earthly manifestation of his body. Our congregation allows each person present to decide whether to participate in this memorial feast.  You can read here about why we take communion the way we do at Arlington.

Individual congregations like ours encourage baptized believers to live consistent with their commitment to Jesus’ lordship. Our elders welcome into the fellowship of this congregation those who have been immersed as believers.  Others – of whatever age or background – also are welcome to participate in our faith community to learn what the Bible teaches and to connect with our circle of Christian love.

We encourage you to speak with one of our elders or ministers for details about what the scriptures say about these matters and how you could become part of this congregation. Believers need each other’s fellowship and so we would love to have you as part of this congregation’s Christian family.