One Spirit

Philippians 1:21-30

Writing from prison, Paul emphasized a unity of spirit and mind for the sake of the gospel. Though separated, Paul was still unified with the church in Philippi. The same is true today; though circumstantially separated, we are still on Church, united in spirit and mind. 


  1. What challenges come from being a church divided by Covid-19? 
  1. How does worship (even as it is today) help us stay united? 
  1. How can we maintain “one mind” while also maintaining social distance? 
  1. What defines our unity if not our physical presence? 

Sing with Us:

While we cannot sing in our in-person worship, we can be united in mind and heart by listening to and singing the same songs while we are apart. 

One Response to “One Spirit”

  1. Donnis Crump says:

    Found it! And worshipped with you Saturday the 26th