Live with God

We look forward to seeing you in our service.  To participate via Zoom (and see, visit and encourage each other) click here to request the link.  If you prefer to just view via YouTube, you will find the service streaming here on our YouTube channel. Please let us know you joined us by filling out our Welcome Card

Live with God

As children of the light, Paul outlines what life is like while we wait for the expected return of Jesus. Armored with faith, love, and salvation, Paul reminds us that we are destined for salvation, not wrath, so that we might live our lives with God.

As you read I Thessalonians 5:1-11 ask yourself these questions. Talk about them at your dinner table.

    • How often do we feel God’s salvation compared to God’s wrath? Is God’s wrath an active, fearful part of your relationship with God?
    • What does living with God look like, practically speaking? Is it more than simply obeying commands?
    • How might we do as Paul asks and encourage one another with these words?

Our other scriptures for the week include:

Judges 4:1-7; Psalm 123; Matthew 25:14-30

Sing with Us:

While we cannot sing in our in-person worship, we can be united in mind and heart by listening to and singing the same songs while we are apart. 

You can find the playlist here:

When I Look to the Hills 
A Shield About Me 
Healing Grace – YouTube 
Hard Fighting Soldier 
We will stand 
My Savior My God 
O Jesus, I Have Promised


Other Key Links:

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