Fall Study:  The Book of Leviticus:  Why it Matters to Christians

Leviticus is placed between Exodus and Numbers and serves as a bridge, highlighting the need for restoration of the relationship between God and mankind. The pages of Leviticus are not just a long list of laws and rituals—it is a story about God’s desire to repair his relationship with Israel, so they can live with him in a restored holy space and rest with him as reformed people who represent his character to all the nations. Moreover, it is a foundational scripture to fully understand the life of Christ and many of the traditions seen during the time of the early church.  The class materials are available at the links below.  


Date Material Topic
1 Oct 1 Overview Leviticus Introduction
2 Oct 8 Chapter 1-7 Sacrifices: Leviticus 1-7
3 Oct 15 Chapter 8-10 Priesthood of Aaron: Leviticus 8-10
4 Oct 22 Chapter 11-15 Ritual Cleanliness: Leviticus 11-15
5 Oct 29 Chapter 16  Day of Atonement: Leviticus 16
6 Nov 5 Chapter 17-20 Holiness of Conduct: Leviticus 17-20
7 Nov 12 Chapter 21-22 Holiness of Priests: Leviticus 21-22
8 Nov 19 Chapter 23 Sabbath and Feasts: Leviticus 23
9 Nov 26 Chapter 24 Preparation and Punishments: Leviticus 24
10 Dec 3 Chapter 25 Sanctification of the Land: Leviticus 25
11  Dec 10 Chapter 26 Promises and Warnings: Leviticus 26
12 Dec 17 Chapter 27 Vows and Redemption of Tithes: Leviticus 27
13 Dec 24 No Class No Bible Class, Worship at 10:30
14 Dec 31 Review

Summary class