Kindred Unity

Kindred Unity

Psalm 133
Short, simple, and to the point, this psalm says what it means in the first verse: unity is a good and pleasant thing. Yet we seem to struggle deeply with unity and the world seems so full of division on just about everything. Psalm 133, however, leaves no room for misinterpretation.
Peace, Chess
As you prepare for this Sunday’s worship
Included here are the scriptures, reflection questions, and prayers that are thematically matched to our Sunday worship outline.

Scriptures: Gen 45:1-15; Ps 133; Matt 15:10-28; Rom 11:1-2a, 29-32


Questions for Reflection:
Why do you think Jesus resisted the Canaanite woman’s request? How does this fit with your idea of Jesus’ mercy and love? What changed his mind? How does this influence your faith in God?

Morning Prayer:
Merciful God, this day is full of your possibilities for healing and reconciliation, for new beginnings and restored relationships. Unite my heart with your will so that your abundant anointing will flow through me. Send me now with your promised blessings to preserve the lives of those in need. Amen.

Evening Prayer:
God of the night watches, guard me from torment, release me from distress. Call me close to you and kiss me with your favor that I may rest secure in you. Amen.