Children’s Programs during COVID

We have suspended our usual programs, all described below for the time being.  You will find a weekly Bible story and other activities for our children on our Children’s Blog here.  During our worship time, you will find a children’s activity bag for each child at the back of the auditorium.  These are designed to help our children engage directly with our worship.  
We have reopened our attended nursery during worship for children under 3 years old.  A group of parents and teachers are actively meeting together to plan for a new launch of our children’s programs some time in Fall 2021.  We are also engaging HVAC contractors to improve ventilation in our classroom spaces to help make these spaces safe for our kids.  Watch this space for announcements of upcoming changes to our children’s programs.  
Jesus’ ministry on earth was about learning, growing, and helping others. Teaching Biblical principles to our children and equipping them to serve others are essential dimensions of spiritual growth. In serving others, our kids learn friendship, selflessness, and humility. They learn that the life of faith is not about themselves but about others.
Our Children’s Ministry provides a safe, spiritual and fun environment where Jesus’ teachings – and the entire Bible – come to life through storytelling and teaching, music, skits, activities, service projects, and videos. Your child will learn, play, laugh, explore, and grow. Most importantly, they’ll be loved!


We do ask all parents to provide some basic information about their child if they are to be in our care. We need it to know how best to minister to them–and we need to know medical, safety, allergy and emergency information. Here is a link to the online form. Thanks for helping us in this way.


Every Sunday morning you will find age appropriate Bible classes for Cradle Roll through Teens (9:30-10:30). These are taught by volunteers from our congregation and coordinated through our Children’s Minister. All volunteers are screened to ensure your child’s safety. Our goal–by the time our kids reach the decision points in their teen years of making faith their own, they are equipped with both Biblical knowledge and a heart for God.
We also have a Wednesday evening children’s Bible study for school aged children. This class is taught in a mixture of Spanish and English and is tied directly to the same material that parents are learning in our Wednesday evening Spanish Bible Study. These classes are designed to help our families learn together.
Don’t forget to also consider joining one of our family-oriented small groups–children need lots of caring adults in their lives and small groups foster that loving environment.

TEENS–suspended due to COVID

The youth ministry here is a volunteer led group which has two simple goals concerning our young people. First, we want to help the youth to develop and deepen their relationships with Christ by sharing passion, knowledge, and experience with them in bible study and other activities. Next, we want to develop and offer to them Christian mentors and relationships from a diverse group of volunteers with different ages and experience levels. We strive to keep the basis for our interactions a shared love of Christ instead of a shared secular interest. We meet together every Sunday morning during class time for bible study and we also plan quarterly work projects and activities. 


Worshiping with kids requires a balance–how do you grow faith in what is often an “adult” environment and how do you teach reverence for God in a Kid-friendly way? At Arlington we try to reach a balance–we love the Sundays when we hear all the kids and see them participating in Children’s Sermons (2nd and 4th Sundays). We also see how much our kids love being together in Kidz Worship (1st and 3rd Sundays, Ages 3-5th grade). Each week in our foyers you will find activity and coloring sheets tied to the sermon for the day and along with boxes of crayons.


You will find our attended Nursery downstairs under the main sanctuary. You are welcome to leave your 0-3 year old in our care. We also know that sometimes it is just better to take your kid to the back. You will find video feeds of our services in our lobby and in our hallway. Your kids can get the wiggles out there while you continue to listen.


Keep an eye on our announcements for special activities for each age group. For our younger children we design these activities to be family oriented fun–like our fall festival or service opportunities-like our summer food drive. For our teens they can be trips to youth rallies and special retreats in the Shenandoah’s or just a pizza and movie night.