Worship is an obvious part of what it means to be a Christian, but it’s not the only part. There’s also service to others, fellowship, giving, and of course, Bible study. The Arlington Church of Christ offers abundant opportunities for spiritual growth through Bible study.
Each Sunday morning, Arlington congregants gather at 9:30am for Bible classes on a variety of topics – we offer classes in both English and Spanish – for adults and children. Our classes are focused on increasing our knowledge of scripture and maturing our faith. We invite you to grab a cup of coffee and join us any Sunday at 9:30am for Bible class – and stay with us for worship service at 10:30am.
Participating in the Triumph of God: A Study of Ephesians
Led by TJ Wilson
You know that God is the Most High, but did you know he’s not alone on the cosmic stage? Maybe you’ve known the church is community built upon the victory won by Christ, but did you know he was sent by God to finally free humanity from from the other cosmic powers – and that means the church is the single most important force in the world for God? It’s all right there in Ephesians. We are exploring some powerful (and perhaps surprising) lessons. We’ll come to see Ephesians as more than a collection of theological facts – it’s a primer on how the Holy Spirit seeks to reorient our vision of reality and the world around us. Attend this study and gain a deeper, more practical, and perhaps more exciting understanding of Paul’s letter to Ephesus.
To the End of the Earth: A Study of Acts
Led by Scott Brunner
How important is Acts? Well, imagine reading Paul’s and Peter’s letters without the book of Acts. You’d be hard pressed to understand the church, the Holy Spirit, all that talk of Gentile Christians, Peter as anything but craven, and even who Paul was and from whence his authority. Acts serves as both a historical and theological bridge between the Gospels and the rest of the New testament. It tells how the apostles became bold enough to tell the world about Jesus, how the church began, how the gospel spread beyond Judaism, and how to become a Christ-follower. How important is Acts? As important as the gospel. As important as the church. As important as salvation. Attend this class and deepen your knowledge – and maybe your appreciation for – this great book.