During COVID we are hosting a single Adult Bible Study for the entire congregation at 6pm Sundays on Zoom.  The link is the same link as 11am English Worship services.  The elders strongly encourage us all to join this study in real time. If you missed a session, you can find the English recordings with Spanish subtitles here.

Summer Class

Click here to request link to join class at 6pm on Sundays.
Beginning Sunday evening, June 6, the elders will lead a study of Paul’s Pastoral Epistles. This broad scriptural study will focus on the leadership of the early church and the characteristics of those leaders. Among other issues, the classes will examine what the Bible teaches about women in Christian communities. In early September, the elders will decide how women may participate in our congregation’s face-to-face worship assemblies and whether variations may continue. Also, soon after completion of these studies, we expect to seek nominations for additional elders. The elders strongly urge all congregants, including English- and Spanish-speakers, to attend these Sunday evening Bible classes as we study these important matters. Translation services will be provided.
Annotated working bibliography (with hyperlinks) addressing whether women may speak in Christian worship assemblies. 

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