Elder’s message on resuming in-person worship

August 7, 2020
Worship services will restart at the meetinghouse on Sunday, September 13. On that date and until further notice, both Spanish- and English-language services will occur in the auditorium, with the Spanish at 9:00am and the English at 1:00pm. These 40-minute services are to be the only gatherings for worship or Bible study occurring at the meetinghouse at this time. Please read the ACOC What to Expect letter (posted at arlingtonfamily.org) for details on precautions being taken and steps you’ll need to take to sign up to attend an in-person service. The auditorium, hallways and first-floor restrooms will be cleaned prior to and between these worship services. We thank the Re-Gathering and Implementation Committees for their detailed planning on the necessary precautions. Our audio-visual contractor is working to install new equipment that will enable us to live-stream our worship services starting September 13th.  We also plan to continue at least one virtual worship service on Sundays, and small groups will continue to make their own decisions on how and when to meet.
In Him, 
The Elders

One Response to “Elder’s message on resuming in-person worship”

  1. Tina Ratovohery says:

    Virtual Worship for my mom Esther and myself on the 13th. Thank you for all your hard work!