Consuming Zeal

Consuming Zeal

I often wonder how many causes, fights, and acts of violence have been credited to the story of Jesus clearing out the temple, though I hope no one ever counts. What we typically see as proof, or justification, for acts of anger, is actually a story of zeal that culminates at the resurrection. It is no coincidence that when asked for a sign of his authority to cleanse the temple that Jesus directs them to the cross. There is a deep connection between the two moments, and it has everything to do with zeal.
Our scriptures this week include the passage Chess is discussing, John 2:13-22, as well as Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 19 and 1 Corinthians 1:18-25.

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Hymns for the Week

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The Spacious Firmament
Psalm 19 (The Law of the Lord)
How Firm a Foundation
Hear, O Israel
I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord
In Christ Alone
Beneath the Cross of Jesus
Just a Closer Walk with Thee

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One Response to “Consuming Zeal”

  1. Donnis D Crump says:

    john 2.13-22
    prepare to hear something new
    46 years
    temple of his body
    disciples believed
    not anger but zeal/zealous
    a church word
    church nerdy
    zeal the key to unlocking
    passion toward an objective or goal
    objective? Jesus’ words. missing His meaning
    death & resurrection. THE CROSS
    goal of reconciling the world back to God
    corruption etc. ZEAL to remove the obstacle
    perversion of the sacrificial system
    commercialized even extorted – profit from sins
    so reconciliation and atonement – not sales in lobby by kids
    passion that leads to his sacrifice
    latin passion = suffer
    perversion of old covenant
    take advantage of people
    save the world
    not even death could stop him
    because of the cross
    authority of his ministry

    But isn’t there a verse another place that says Jesus was angry?

    our anger – this is no excuse
    pray we have zeal and come closer to God