Jubilee in the Eye of the Storm

Leviticus 25 lays out the plans for a year of sabbath rest called the year of jubilee, and I keep finding elements of jubilee in surprising places, like when this guy drove through my yard and broke my water meter. Maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t there, but I think there are surprising aspects of sabbath and jubilee to be found in the eye of this COVID-19 storm. Perhaps we could find rest and healing in this time of uncertainty and illness.

Peace,  Chess


Socially Distant Worship

As we continue with social distancing, Christians throughout the globe are discussing and re-imagining worship. We have grown accustomed to corporate worship on a Sunday morning, but what does worship look like in social distancing? 
Here are a couple of hymns you might want to listen to:  Deep calls to Deep, When Peace Like a River


Being the community of Christ in the midst of COVID-19


As we practice social distancing to protect one another, I have recorded a video in lieu of a sermon. I will be sending these out on Sundays during our cancelation of services as a form of spiritual food. It is important for us to tend to our spiritual health as well as our physical health. It is my hope that the video brings you some comfort, encouragement, and direction in the days to come.
Peace, Chess

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