Love foreigners as you love yourselves, because you were foreigners one time in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.
Leviticus 19:34

Thank you, Let’s do it Again!

Arlington Church has already helped a family of 5 with furnishings, food and clothing.  Thank you all for donating your time, your goods and your money to this effort.  The need is so great and you have been so generous we are signing up to help a second family.  We do not know exactly when a family will be assigned, but we are preparing to help already.  We only had one day’s notice to help the last family so we know we need to be ready. You can contribute electronically or mark checks for “refugee assistance”. Donations will be matched one for one up to $3000 until September 10. 

Donate to this effort by

  • Buying from our Amazon Wish List (being updated, watch this space)
  • Bringing lightly used kitchen, bath and furniture items to church (please remember we are blessing a family, NOT GETTING RID OF JUNK). If you have questions as to whether your donation would helpful reach out to the coordinators or email us.  We particularly need chest of drawers for the next family.
  • Contributing to the purchase of new mattresses, food and other items the coordinators identify as needed.  Make contributions electronically or via check made out to Arlington Church of Christ.  Please mark for “refugee assistance”.   
  • Email us at with questions

Our Wish Lists  (Watch this space for updates to our needs!)

Our wish list includes:  (We are updating our Amazon list)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Kitchen and Bath items
  • Gently used linens (we will be one new set for all family members, but everyone needs and extra set of sheets and towels)
  • Gently used furniture, especially drawers and/or shelving for clothes as well as nightstands
  • New Mattresses (contribute to “refugee assistance”)
  • Children & Babies (more coming as we know ages)
  • Here is a general list of all we need

If you have questions about specific donations

Reach out to us at or speak with the coordinator for the area of interest.
  • Kitchen Items—Meghan Stringer
  • Linens—Meghan Stringer
  • Cleaning Items—April Barbour
  • Toiletries—Erica Jackson
  • Children’s Items —LaToya Williams
  • Groceries & First Meal—Melisa Weaver and Elizabeth Molyé
  • Furniture–Claudia Randolph
  • Volunteers –Claudia Randolph


Delivering your donations

We are collecting donations in the first adult classroom at church.  If you need to drop of items during the week, please coordinate with Chess Cavitt for a time when the office will be open. If you need an additional time or help in delivery please contact one of our coordinators or email us

Volunteer your time and/or your truck!

We need volunteers to 
  • Pick up furniture and other large donations
  • Clean apartment and prepare it for move in
  • Move Furniture and other donations
  • Set up the apartment and make it feel like a home
  • Write thank you letters to members of the community who donate to this effort
Email us at or speak to Claudia Randolph if you can help with these efforts.  We do not yet have specific dates for move in, but we do need a list of who we can call as soon as we know time and place.